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    Baby Fever...wdyt of my list?

    Theodora nn Theda

    I would love any thoughts & opinions on these names. Suggestions & criticism are welcome! My husband isn't sold on any of these...

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    Merit - Cute! A nice virtuous name that still sounds familiar.
    Beatrice - I prefer Beatrix, but I also like Beatrice, though I think it needs a modern nickname to balance the old feel.
    Marietta - seems a little thrown together, but I like the sound and nicknames.
    Bernadette - I don't mind it, but it still sounds a little too old. Would also need a nice nickname, imo.
    Olympia - LOVE. I adore Olympia. but in case you hadn't noticed, I'm a stickler for nicknames, which it falls short in.
    Wilhelmina - I like the idea of it, but it's awkward to say in my opinion.
    Emmanuelle - Hard to distinguish from Emmanuel, so it doesn't actually sound that feminine to me.
    Theodora nn Theda - I really like it, but I like Thea better as a nickname.
    Annette - A little dated. But I think it could make a comeback. Like it.
    Corinne - Cute! Spunky and modern.
    Teal - I like color names, but not digging Teal.
    Veronica - Love! So sleek and elegant yet wearable.
    Constance - Fusty and old in my opinion. And I don't like the natural nickname Connie.
    Iris - Love. Very modern and fresh, and great meaning.
    Dominique - really dislike. So old and frilly.
    Cornelia - LOVE. Much softer and prettier than Cordelia to me, though I like Cordelia too.
    Sidonie - pronounced just like Sydney? or is the emphasis on the second syllable? It's a little confusing.
    Thais - Dislike. Pronunciation seems like it would be a pain.
    Alma - so vanilla. and old. Not a fan.
    ~ Larissa

    Olympia Primrose
    Waverly Claire ~ Amaryllis Joy
    Holiday Elise ~ Bellamy June ~ Seraphina Daisy
    Genevieve Scout ~ Romilly Violet ~ Laszlo Oliver ~ Darwin Blake
    Gideon Levi ~ Fisher Gray ~ Jasper Elias
    Simon Apollo ~ Orlando Archer
    Phineas Jack

    Crushing hard... Saylor Adeline ... Mazarine Alice ... Penrose Elizabeth

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    Ohh I will include my potential nicknames if that helps!

    Merit- not sure
    Beatrice- Beata, prn Bee-etta
    Marietta- Etta
    Bernadette- maybe Bunny or Betty?
    Olympia- Lolly
    Wilhelmina- Minnie
    Emmanuelle- Nell
    Theodora nn Theda
    Annette- Annie
    Corinne- not sure? I don't love Cory
    Teal- maybe Duckie as a pet name
    Veronica- Vinca
    Constance- Connie
    Iris- Irie
    Dominique- Minnie
    Cornelia- Neeley
    Sidonie- Sid-oh-nee, love it, but prob won't use
    Thais- Tah-ees

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    Merit= Love it

    Dominique= Love it, lots of nn options, gorgeous, familiar without being trendy or too popular

    Olympia= like this a lot lately, but feel like the word Limp within this name calls bullies forth, thus, more like a middle name choice for me

    Iris= pretty, possibly becoming too popular, but still a gorgeous name as far as flower names go

    Sidonie- Looks like a smash of Sedona and Sydney. I prefer Sydney, as it is one of my current crushes.

    The other names I didn't mention are just not my taste, based on the above five, here are some ideas you AND hubby may agree on:

    Atlanta, Augusta, Georgia, Carolina, Cheyenne

    Elisabeth, Brighton, Florence, Lawrence, Laurence, Brinna

    Lillian, Coralie, Cambria, Camille, Beverley, Meredith

    Damaris, Naomi, Simone, Natalia, Emberly, Nova

    Aries, Gemini, Jodelle, Oriana, Haven

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    I love Augusta, Georgia, Naomi & Nova but we can't use them. Simone is my daughter's middle! I am considering Camille, thank you for the suggestion!

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