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    Talk me into or out of it

    Alright, do DH and I have it narrowed down to either Vaughn Patrick or Jack William. What do you think of these combos? Can you talk me into or out of them? I need to hear opininions/arguments/etc for why these are awesome or why they're not. I will say that William is a family name and I love it, but I'm open to other middle name suggestions for both Vaughn and Jack. Thanks in advance, everyone!
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    I prefer Vaughn to Jack, just because Jack is so popular right now. Is Patrick also a family name? If not, I would use William, as I prefer family names in the middle spot. Vaughn William flows really well. Only plus with Jack is that it goes better with Callum, but don't let that put you off, Vaughn isn't that out of place, and sibling names don't have to match.
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    Very hard. I think both Vaughn and Jack go very well with Callum. Both are very handsome combos. I think I slightly prefer Jack because it feels a bit more like a full name, not that I do not feel Vaughn is a wonderful first name. I think you need to have two more boys so you can use them both.
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    I also much prefer Vaughn Patrick. I know soooooo many little Jacks, and the number always seems to be increasing! It seems like almost every Fb announcement is for a little Jack. Also, Jack is quite nicknamey. Perhaps I'm the only one, but I still assume Jack is a nickname for John or Jackson. Vaughn is a unique, classic, masculine name. I think it would grow up and age much, much better. In 10 years, everyone will know exactly when Jack was born. However, Vaughn can't be pinned down to a specific time as easily.
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    Ok, so here's my question about "everyone will know exactly when little Jack was born." I'm in America, and here Jack has consistently been pretty popular. Since 1893 the lowest it's been is 179. It has been hovering around the # 50 spot since 1998. I guess my point is that I feel like you are trying to say that Jack is trendy, and it's not. Yes, it's popular but so are William and Joseph - You wouldn't say you'd know exactly when little William or Joseph were born - VS Aidan or Jackson, then you can get right down to the decade. Jack is more of a classic, while Jackson for example is the trendy one. I know it has been much more popular in England recently, though, even number 1.

    SSA link for Jack -
    SSA link for Jackson -

    I'm up to talk about this - I need to know your opinions!!!
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    Girls: Eleanor, Mary, Meara, Jane, Iris, Lilou, Evie, Emmeline, Tamsin, Bryn
    Boys: Edmund, Austen, Ridley, Ellis

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