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    Rather short boys list!

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could give me some opinions on my current boys list. I warn you, it is rather short so I would also be greatful for some more suggestions!


    Thank you!
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    Arthur -- I am partial to this name seeing as it's a big family name for me. I do like it though. It is classic and masculine. I saw another person posted on here that Ari was a nn she was going to use for Arthur. I really like Ari as opposed to Artie.
    Maximilian -- This name is growing on me. I tend to like more formal sounding first names that have an obvious nn option. This is a perfect example of that. It's not my favorite name out there, but it is definitely a solid name.
    Hector -- Not a fan of this.
    Theodore -- I love Theodore, for the same reasons as Maximilian. Teddy is just the cutest nickname for a little boy too.
    William -- I wouldn't use it because it's a little too common for my taste. But this name has stood the test of time, so it's obviously a good choice
    Cyril -- Don't like.
    Leopold -- This name is ok, but I much prefer Leonard. Both have the Leo nn, but Leonard is much less cold than Leopold.
    Wilfred -- No, don't like.
    Freddie -- I like Freddie if you use the full name Frederick. I'm not really a fan of nicknames as given names.

    Some similar names are:
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    Arthur -- love
    Maximilian -- prefer Maxwell, as it has less spelling variants
    Hector -- could be really cool, depends on your last name
    Theodore -- like
    William -- a classic
    Cyril -- don't like this one as well
    Leopold -- how do you feel about Lionel or Leonidas? Like both of those a little better.
    Wilfred -- my least favorite on the list
    Freddie -- as a nn for Frederick? Love Frederick!!!!

    ETA I don't think your list is too short. You've got some great choices on there already!
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    I like your list a lot! I would just get rid of Freddie because you already have Wilfred for which Freddie could be a nickname. The rest of your names are all more formal than Freddie.

    I love Arthur, Hector, Cyril, Leopold, and Wilfred. And Theodore and William. So that's all of them except for Maximilian. I love Max but this version feels a bit hoighty-toighty to me....

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    Arthur - I really love Arthur just makes me happy
    Theodore - very nice, great name
    William - love it, great classic
    Cyril - not my favorite I admit, I like Basil and Cyrus but Cyril sounds too much like cereal for me
    Leopold - feels a bit pretentious to me though I do like it.
    Wilfred - I love Wil so I think it's usable, but it's not really my favorite, but if you like Freddie as well I can see it being a nice option
    Maximilian - I've never been a big fan of this one, it's by no means terrible, just not my style
    Hector - really don't like this one, all I hear is heck! I'd prefer Rupert, Edgar, Hubert
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