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    I think we've decided on Hazel. Need help with middle

    Our boys are Avery, Oliver and Elliot.

    First question: Do you think Hazel (for our daughter due soon) goes with her brothers' names?

    Second question: We want her middle name to be after a dear old friend, Mary Ellen. (I'm not a fan of Ellen or Ella) We are thinking:

    Hazel Maren
    Hazel Mary

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

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    I really, really love Hazel. She's also perfect with the sibset! Vintage and sweet, and underused. Gorgeous names!
    I probably prefer Hazel Maren, but Hazel Mary is more 'honouring'. I also like Hazel Marian (it has such nice flow, and I think of Robin Hood )
    Good luck!
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    Love Hazel Mary. good luck

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    Hazel is gorgeous, and goes nicely with brothers. I like Hazel Mary, Hazel Miriam, and Hazel Marian.
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    I love Hazel.

    I like Hazel Maren better. Hazel Mary sounds like Hail Mary to me. I think Maren honors Mary Ellen well combining the 2 names.

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