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Thread: Rosa Valentina

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    Rosa Valentina

    I'm toying with the idea of this name if baby #3 is a girl...
    Do you like this name?
    How common is Rosa?
    Other siblings are Caden Oliver Ivan and Lilac Ariella Eve, does Rosa fit sib set?

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    Love this! I think Caden, Lilac and Rosa work really well.

    I think Rosa is less common than Rose and has a bit more substance.

    Other ideas are

    Caden, Lilac and Elsa
    Caden, Lilac and Ruby
    Caden, Lilac and Irene
    Caden, Lilac and Violet

    Good luck!

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    I just love the combination I also agree that Rosa is much less common that Rose. I also think it would work with Caden and Lilac.

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    Rosa is definitely more refreshing. Rosa Valentina is great with Caden & Lilac.
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    I don't find Rosa common at all and is a name that has been on and off our list. One of the reasons it's off is because our surname is Spanish...a bit too "common" in that sense?!?

    Valentina is one of our #1 girls' picks right now, so I love it! Good luck.

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