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Thread: Diner waitress?

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    Sep 2013
    It doesn't sound waitress-y. I think of waitress names as ones where people say the first and middle as though they're one name - ShelbyLynn, KellyAnn, WandaMay, etc.

    There's a sweet little girl down the street here named Sylvie; she's about 5, and I've heard people compliment her name.
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    Definitely NOT a diner waitress name!!! Men just have a way of making the most random, weirdest connections with names. My husband told me that Corinne sounds like a chant a little league baseball team would yell....? What?!?

    Don't worry about it! Sylvie Colleen is a beautiful name!!!

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    No! Sylvie is absolute feminine perfection! Any name could be a diner waitress name if you want to get down to it. Alice is one of my favs but is tied to a famous diner, but I still don't consider it a diner name.

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    Don't let your husband's lame joke or your hormones get the better of your sound judgement. Sylvie Colleen is fine so if you love the combo I would encourage you to put aside your reservations and embrace it. Sylvie is sophisticated, French and chic.
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    I think it's beautiful. dont worry!
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