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Thread: Amadea?

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    Just heard about this. What Do you guys think?

    I'm still in school, so I'm not pregnant or planning, I'm just a huge name nerd

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    I really dislike Amanda and Andrea. Personally I do not like the name at all.
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    I know someone by this name (we're in our late 20s) and I think it's very pretty. She is hispanic, and I think the somewhat exotic vibe of the name suits her heritage.

    For some reason, she says everyone always takes her name and sings that "I'm a playa, I'm a PLAYA" song with it—"ama-dea, ama-DEA!" Not that that's a deal-breaker or anything, just kinda funny!
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    I've always loved this name, it's very rhythmic and I love it's ties to Amadeus & Mozart
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    I love Amadea along with the similar Medea and Amadeus.

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