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    Middles for Mr. Henry.

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all the great feedback on my last thread. It made me feel a lot better

    Mr. Henry is my only favourite with out a middle! (It's rather exciting for me because I have had all my favourites with middles that I truly love.)

    I'm looking for something short, maybe classic or something that has a naturey feel. And a name that feels happy.

    Thank you everyone.

    PS: I might add a list of names that I can't use later, just to give you a better idea.

    Lee, blackbird.


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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Henry Asa
    Henry Charles
    Henry Colin
    Henry Cosmo
    Henry David
    Henry Edmund (may not be short, but *hearts as eyes* I really love that combination and it's on my own list)
    Henry Emrys
    Henry Inigo
    Henry Louis
    Henry Peter
    Henry Rufus
    Henry Theo
    Zelia/Elja • Nineteen • Name and history nerd from an early age • I have a blog.
    Trying hard to export beautiful old Danish names, magical Danish nature names and exotic Greenlandic names.
    Current favourite combinations: Henry Ásgeirr Edmund • Amaury Charles Fyodor • Alexander Adelin Lórien
    Cosima Ingrid Zenobia • Matilda Ivalo Galadriel • Gaia Margaret Undómiel

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    Henry Atticus (I love this combination so much, I would so name my son that)
    Henry Elliott
    Henry Theodore
    Henry August
    Henry Caspar
    Henry Caspian
    Henry Matteo
    Henry Sebastian
    Henry Julius
    Henry Leonard
    Henry Benett / Beckett
    Henry Jasper

    I love the name Henry!

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    Archibald | Barnabas | Bartholomew | Ephraim | Hezekiah | Jonah | Noble | Obadiah | Silas | Zebulon

    C o l o n i a l | N a m e s

    Bathsheba | Cornelia | Esther | Felicity | Hephzibah | Lydia | Mehetabel | Priscilla | Prudence | Sapphira

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