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    I'm not really a fan. Benjamin Brock is borderline for me (a bit too much like Benjamin Button), but Ben Brock is not so nice, imho...
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    Makes me think of Benjamin Bratt (so gorgeous!) so I like it and I generally love alliteration. With a 1 syllable surname there isn't much you can do since many nicknames are 1 syllable also. Ben Brock sounds fine to me but who knows, he may prefer being called Benny, Benji, or just Benjiman

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    My thoughts on alliteration are that so long as the starting vowels/sounds aren't the same (so for you, a 'bro'/'brah' sound) then it works. (second 'rule' for me is to avoid alliteration if the last name is a word/occupation name).
    I think Benjamin is great with it, and agree that I'd like Bennett too.

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    I'm not a fan of alliteration but the full name Benjamin is ok with Br.ock. However, the nn Ben is too abrupt with your surname. It's the same situation for Daniel - the fuller name works much better with your ln than the nickname.
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    Thanks everyone!

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