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    lol He's pretty good looking. Short (of course, law enforcement) brown hair, hazelish green eyes. He's all strong cheekbones and of course he's in shape from the police :P His sisters the artsy type, plump, soft, puffy curls. ^_^

    Anyway, yea. Wilder is a great name if you want something adventurous and cool like Jack but more unusual.
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    Oh I ADORE Wilder! Couldn't get my husband on board, sadly, and our last name is also two syllables and ends in -er. It was my favorite. I would love to meet a little Wilder too!

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    My friend who lives abroad said she's got a playgroup with a Wilder, Django, Huxley, Arlo & Avery (a girl), all from different parents, mainly expats, and says it's an adorable set! I think it's very usable and Wilder Flynn works very well together. Love the tribute to yr red hair too!

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    Thank you everyone. The name is even growing more and more on my family.
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    This might be a dumb question but how do you pronounce Wilder? Is it "Will-der" or "While-der"?

    Even though I don't know the correct pronunciation, I really like the way the name looks. Flynn Wilder or Wilder Flynn... I think I like both equally

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