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    Its not my favorite name but it is definitely usable. If children are named Messiah and Tucker, why not Wilder? I think the flow of Flynn Wilder is better, but both are nice.
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    I vote Yes to Wilder.

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    Wilder Flynn is definitely usable !! Wilder has no difference from Hunter & Ryder .
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    I like Wilder. I think it's usable because I know a Wilder who works in law enforcement. He's Wilder Hawthorne with sister Elodie Bramble.

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    Thank you all. Wilder just might be at the top of my list. I wasn't even thinking about it being no different from names like Ryder and Hunter. I personally would not use either one but plenty of people do. Dantea, love the siblings names. Wilder Hawthorne is such a strong, manly name. Dare I ask if he's a hunk? lol I picture a gorgeous man.
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