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    Since you're pronouncing the names in different languages, I think it's fine. Are you going to raise him bilingual?
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    Yes. He will be raised bilingual. Thanks for the feedback.

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    In general I would say yes, both parents should pronounce the name the same. But with the examples you gave, I don't think it's that big of a deal. Just leaving the "S" sound off of the name doesn't drastically affect the name and I think everyone would still know who/what you were both talking about!

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    I'm kind of surprised this is even a question...I would think that the name should definitely be pronounced the same...
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    As a child of bilingual parents, I would like to reassure you that me and my siblings have had no issues with this. Our parents pronounce our names differently depending on which language they are addressing us in, and the same goes for a lot of our family and friends. This was not confusing to us kids or others at all. Most of my unilingual friends either don't notice or think it's adorable when they hear one of my parents talk to me.

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