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    Jul 2013

    Down to final three names.

    Mariah Nicole
    Jacqueline Winter
    Rhiannon Marie

    These are the final three! I want to know your opinions on all three of the names and which you like best. Thank you!

    + please be kind! these names are my style and I love them
    also, no suggestions, please.
    Baby girl coming July 9th

    Esme Francesca Gianna Charis Isis Petra Celeste Stella Audrey
    Jasmine Gwen Carmen Lola Scarlett Nadia Nadine Stephanie
    Marina Jacqueline Rhiannon Mariah Dahlia Winter Ariadne Phaedra

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    Jacqueline Winter is very pretty it has my vote.

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    Mar 2013
    Boston, MA
    Of your first names, Rhiannon is my very favorite, however Marie is just meh. Jacqueline Winter on the other hand is a beautiful combo!

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    Aug 2012
    Jacqueline Winter!!!!! Please choose this. :P

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    Mariah Nicole- makes me think of Mariah Carey. Personally not my style.
    Jacqueline Winter- probably my favorite.
    Rhiannon Marie- reminds me of Rihanna... not in a good way. I also agree the middle doesn't match up with the first name.

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