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Thread: Tainted Names?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elo View Post
    Wow, I've never seen a list of most hated names. And I agree with the majority. Even if you love one of the names, it's good to know if everyone else hates it. Probably best to avoid those for your kids sake.

    As far as names being off limits, I would agree with all the previous ones mentioned. Except Noam, but you would need to be aware of his politics. I would also add Monica to the list, at least for now.
    Actually, the UK has also released a list, and, they've gone as far as publishing a list where teachers vote/explain what imagery they pick up from a name. It's quite useful really! As it turns out, my best friends name translates to something not so nice to English/Welsh teachers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by arielladreams View Post
    You're unlikely to find many Margaret's or Maggie's amongst a lot of Britons, though I expect it's fairly popular with the rest.
    Can you explain why? I've met a few British people with these names. The only association I can think of is Margaret Thatcher, but I thought it was only Thatcher that was tainted...
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    Myra is tainted over in the UK, because of child serial killer Myra Hindley, that much I do know.

    My British grandpa was already living in the USA when the killings, and subsequent trial took place, but he was obviously aware of the story through his family back in the UK.

    My grandma's sister almost named her daughter (my mom's cousin) Myra, but she noticed my grandpa recoil in horror at the name, and when he explained why, my great-aunt chose not to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine kid View Post
    Can you explain why? I've met a few British people with these names. The only association I can think of is Margaret Thatcher, but I thought it was only Thatcher that was tainted...
    It's Thatcher.

    A lot of people, their parents or themselves lost a lot to her. It's still a really strong connection to the name, and not exactly positive to many.

    Plus it's still really dated here.
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    Cain is another one, at least for me.
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