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    Are there any vegetarian moms?

    Hi girls,me again!
    I'm a vegetarian,now,when I'm pregnant,I eat seafood sometimes(but very rarely). I love smoked halibut and salmon,but I think I will quit after april's surprise is born. Are any of you vegetarian? Do you crave for some fiber when pregnant? Please,contact me!
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    I am a (lacto ovo) vegetarian, not a mom though.. I made the decision years ago and no turning back until now. I constantly wonder if latter I get pregnant, will I crave meats or not.. so thanks for starting this thread.

    ps: for vegetarian/vegan moms, do you raise your kids as vegetarians too? Is your SO a vegetarian? If not, how you handle all the different meals?

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    I am not because every month or so I eat fish, but for all practical purposes I am and have been for over ten years. I really think cutting out the meat has helped with my Crohn's Disease.

    Anyway, this pregnancy I have eaten a little bit of canned tuna, maybe three or four times. We are big tofu fans at our house, now that we know how to cook it and make it flavorful. Pumpkin seeds have been great, as well as spinach. I don't really like eggs, but I have been trying to sneak them in. Fiber hasn't been a problem because it's in cereal and fruit, which I love. I haven't craved meat at all.

    I am VERY curious though to hear from moms who are, or are not, raising their kids vegetarian. I don't think my husband or I would be in the mood to cook two meals very day, but I know I will have to be vigilant about getting all the nutrients in if we go vegetarian with our child.
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    I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian, and so is my seven year-old. I didn't crave meat when I was pregnant, and, honestly, it's how I was raised so the worry about how to get protein or nutrients isn't really there, I've just always eaten this way.

    Kaleb likes hummus, baked falafel, cheese, beans (especially black beans), greek yogurt, peanut butter, tofu, etc. We tend to stay away from the fake 'meatless meats', though he loves Tofu Pups. When he was about three he asked to try fish, and I told him he could absolutely try it, but first we were going to go fishing, catch, clean and cook the fish so he could watch the process. He decided he didn't want to yet. Though we do go fishing now that he's a bit older (we live in a small fishing village in New England where it's practically unavoidable), he always throws back his catch and says he has no interest in meat.

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    @kalebsmom, I think I question whether I can do it because I ate meat at every meal growing up, and being a first time mom, I model so much of what I expect from my own childhood. I don't have anything to base it on besides that really. It's nice to hear from other moms who have been there and haven't had it be a struggle. It helps!

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