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    Does anyone else feel a little pressure to please your parents with a name??

    I tell my dad about names. Some of which I kind of like. I like the name Keshet which means Rainbow for a girl in Hebrew. My list of girls names seems to grow. I am thinking my name that I have wanted since I was 10 which is still a bit of a secret is on it's way out or a middle name. It is getting popular. UGGH!! I wanted to know if anyone else was getting flack from their parents? Oh and I came up with some new Hebrew girls names over night. I can't wait to see what he thinks of some of them!
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    No I would not tell your parents your name. My sister knows I want to name my daughter Clementine and she asked my mom what do you think of the name Clementina? Her reply? Ichs. This is why I do not involve them in my naming process. And yes, I still plan on naming her that! Once she's born she's just going it have to like it or sheket

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    My parents and I talk about baby names frequently, especially now since TTC has become a topic of discussion for DH and I, we are thinking beginning of next year. My Mom will actually call me with suggestions, which is nice, if I like them I tell her, if not I tell her. My Mom will tell me if she does not like a name I like, but will say, it doesn't matter what I think, when you have a child you and your husband get to name it, and the rest of us will get over it. I am glad that while my parents are interested in the naming process of my future children that at the end of the day they will accept whatever name my DH and I choose.

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    My husband and I made a couple of promises to his mother regarding children's names when we got married. I wouldn't necessarily say that brings a feeling of pressure, but the parameters have turned out to be more difficult as applied to girls' names than I had anticipated. So it's more of a challenge!
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    my mum and I often discuss names, and she can be brutal. She's already made it clear that she'd be over the moon if I used the following:

    Harper Lillian - Lillian after her grandmother
    Madeline Charlotte/Charlotte Madeline
    Elizabeth Charlotte - her first name is Elizabeth.
    Parker Mackenzie/Parker Daniel
    Charles/Charlie William
    Liam Charles - Charles after her grandfather

    Although I like Charlie, Mackenzie, William, Daniel, Parker, Charlotte, Elizabeth & Lillian, I don't adore most of them, but feel like I should use them.
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