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    updated top 5 girl and boy names

    My top 5 girl and boy names.

    Teagan Gabrielle

    Teagan - honors my late grandma
    Gabrielle - I love the meaning "God is my strength"

    Harper Clementine

    Harper - because I love the name
    Clementine - I love the meaning "mild, merciful"

    Rowan Isabel

    Rowan - honors me
    Isabel - honors family and I love the meaning "pledged to God"

    Winter Annalise

    Winter - honors my late grandma
    Annalise - honors my late sister and I love the meaning "grace"

    Aspen Caroline

    Aspen - Aspen trees have special meaning to my family
    Caroline- has the same meaning as my father's

    Emerson Grey

    Emerson - love the meaning "industrious"
    Grey - love the name

    Asher Boone

    Asher - love the meaning "fortunate, blessed, happy one"
    Boone - love the meaning "a blessing"

    Paxton Crew

    Paxton - love the meaning "peace town"
    Crew - just love it

    Mercer Tate

    Mercer - I love that it is close to mercy
    Tate- love the meaning "cheerful"

    Wilder Flynn

    Wilder - honors family
    Flynn - honors me, the meaning is "son of the red-haired one", I am a red head
    Jack Wilder | Henry Birch | Charlie Hawthorne
    Liam Archer | Noah Espen | Owen Everett
    Declan Hayes | Ethan Gray | Caleb Orion

    Sophie Jane Magnolia | Emma Eloise Maebry | Grace Elizabeth Bridie
    Isabel Margaret Fable | Charlotte Evelyn Maple | Edeline Rose Clementine "Edie"
    Olivia Madeleine Dulcie | Lily Anne Vesper | Nora Lavender Posy

    crushing on -
    Piers Lachlan | Gray Everett
    Maebry Eloise Sunday | Avia Rose Clementine

    heart my son

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    Great list! All great names, my very favorites are Wilder Flynn and Rowan Isabel!

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