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    Way to honor a David?

    So my dads name is David and he and I have very similar personalities. David was also the name of my favorite college professor. I was looking for a non-overt way to honor both of them without offending the rest of my family members. My parents aren't together and though I spent most of my childhood with my mother, me and my dad are so similar personality wise, I get along with him much better than other members of my family.

    I was thinking Dawson which means "son of David" but I wonder if Dawsons Creek tainted the name? Titanic also propelled the name to popularity but I think Dawsons Creek had a permanent dent on the name.

    Looking for suggestions form some creative berries out there.
    Thank you to all who respond

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    I like Dawson for you. I think it is a great way to honor a your case two Davids. You could also use Davis or Davidson.
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    I don't think that Dawson's Creek tainted the name Dawson! I don't see Dawson as being overly tied to any one reference.

    It might be too much of a stretch or just too much name, but Ovid came to mind as a way to honor David.

    David means "beloved" according to Behind the Name, which isn't an uncommon meaning. Maybe search for other names with that meaning and see if you like any?

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    @lovemysweeties I like Dawson as well, but I just can;t shake the association to Dawsons Creek as I was a huge fan of the show.

    @nono Thanks for the comfort with Dawson... Amy and Esmee are actually two female names I like that mean "beloved" but I'm not sure if any of them will make the final cut. It is interesting that you mentioned that because I just came across the name Amabel which means "lovable" so that could work.
    For the boys I am not a fan of Darrell, and Philbert is the name of a family friend that i dislike so that is out as well... The only one I like seems to be Erasmus which I think is very out there. Ovid is an interesting way to honor David, thanks for that.

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    Kalila is also nice as well for a girl, it also means "beloved"

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