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    Lead-weights that land with a thud ...

    ... are the names that intrigue me most lately.


    Agatha, Antonia, Augusta, Benedicta, Bernardine, Cornelia, Edwina, Georgina, Henrietta, Josephine, Philomena, Rosamund, Thomasina, Wilhelmina, Winifred

    Could you help me think of more as heavy or heavier than these?
    Erma | Flossie | Gladys | Gussie | Millie | Minerva | Myrtle | Winifred | Zelda

    V i n t a g e | C h a r m

    Barnaby Clifford | Chester Ferdinand | Cosmo Arthur | Frazier Gatsby | Grover Felix
    Luther Clancy | Newton Rutherford | Watson Currier

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