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    Question thoughts on my signature names

    Married my best friend 5/11/13, mommy to Murron Lydia Genevieve 10/20

    Name crushes:
    Alice Hazel, Helena Faye,Cleora Beatrice,Gloria Charlotte, Sylvia Edith,Lior Inez
    Solomon Jace, Gideon Charles, Henry , Waylon, Arlo, Mordecai

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    Violet Gray
    Sad name-obsessed teenager and aspiring writer

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    Ezra Mekai- Like ezra not heard of mekai is it a version of michael?
    Solomon Wolfe- solomon is nice wolfe is more of a middle as you have it.
    Otto Levi - love LEVI, not 100&% on otto..
    Arlo Court- Arlo's nice.. unsure on court.
    Emerson Zechariah - both names are nice. EZ initials when said are easy.
    Orion Joseph- Orion is my fave an the other a classic boys name but initials are OJ.. would make me think of oj.simpson..
    Finn Harrison- Love this combo..
    Remington Francis- Not keen.. But you could have remy as a nn. 2nd name is nice.
    Landon Rowe- Hmm.. Not my thing.
    Sutton Gage- Love gage not sure on sutton.. but the combo work
    Macon Joseph- is this the same as Mason or is it said MaKen.? I prefer the Macen spelling if it is the 2nd way
    Quinn Oliver- not to sure on quinn oliver as a combo.. seems like they run in to each other a lil too much when said fast.

    Gloria Promise - Not keen
    Rosaleen Alivia - Different.
    Thessaly Henriette - Not keen
    Ivy Juliet not keen ivy is a nice name.
    Livia Pearl- liek this.
    Avianna Gladys - this is an ok name
    Ailsa Delphine- different but do-able.
    Henrietta Pearl - not my style but Etta is a nice nn
    Aveline Lilly- my fave out of the lot,
    Ophelia Lark - Hmm nice..
    Cleora Josephine Cj as a nn is cool.. not too sure though on cleora.
    Mena Isobelle - mena.. to me looks as thoguht you have mispelt mean and added an a on. sorry..
    Eira Grace - My 2nd fave combo x
    Miriam Alice - Hmm....
    ɹǝʇsɐsıp lnɟıʇnɐǝq

    Name crushes- ♡ Dudey's: Sawyer, Phoenix, Teilo, Castieℓ, Rocco, Wyatt, Elijah, Jakob ∫ ♡ Dudette's: Kairi, Peyton, Alana, ℑsabeau, Wynter, Amethyst, Nova/Novalee.

    ‟ℒaughter is timeless, ℐmagination has no age & のreams are forever‶. -Ⓣinkerbeℓℓ.

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    Ezra Mekai - I've only known female Ezras (I'm not from the US / UK) so I can't picture a little boy with that name. How do you pronounce Mekai?
    Solomon Wolfe -both names are a bit too out there for me, I would like Solomon better with a more "normal" middle name
    Otto Levi - not a huge fan of both names having 4 letters and 2 syllables but the names a re cool
    Arlo Court - nms but nice
    Emerson Zechariah - the spelling Zechariah looks weird to me (but not wrong), nms but okay
    Orion Joseph - nice
    Finn Harrison - I like the flow, I like Finn and the combo sounds cool
    Remington Francis - nms
    Landon Rowe - ok, nms
    Sutton Gage - you like boys names ending in, don't you same as above
    Macon Joseph - I would like a longer middle name better
    Quinn Oliver - I like Oliver, Quinn is more of a girls name to but the combo is really nice

    Gloria Promise - I don't like virtue names and Gloria still is a bit too old for me to like it
    Rosaleen Alivia - Rosaleen looks wrong, Alivia too. Sorry
    Thessaly Henriette - Henriette is cute, Thessaly looks made up
    Ivy Juliet - love this one, beautiful names and a fantastic combo
    Livia Pearl - same as above
    Avianna Gladys - nms
    Ailsa Delphine - nms
    Henrietta Pearl - same as Ivy Juliet
    Aveline Lilly - nms but Lilly is cute
    Ophelia Lark - Lark is very masculine to me and takes a bit of Ophelia's feminine beauty away (it doesn't compliment the fn)
    Cleora Josephine - Josephine is sweet, Cleora looks like someone forgot letters
    Mena Isobelle - ok
    Eira Grace - ok
    Miriam Alice - very nice (Miriam is nms though)

    Even though most are not my style, you have some really nice names in there!

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    My favorites are Otto Levi and Ivy Juliet.
    nicole. 27. usa. married. ttc.

    mom to gavin michael b. 2011

    current faves:
    vera | fiona | sienna | norah | louisa | stella | audrey | avery | sylvia | ingrid ||
    elliott | simon | nolan | miles | august | sebastian | wyatt | patrick | owen | jude

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