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    People close to you having names you don't like

    We've all got names we don't like for whatever reason - whether it's the style, the sound or just a plain old bad association. But I'm just wondering - how do you react when a person with a name you don't like is thrust into being part of your life? If your sister has a daughter named Elliot, and you hate boys' names being used on girls? Or your son brings home best friend Stanley, which you find too old man, or at a later date introduces his girlfriend Reverie, which you just find, well, a bit weird?

    I'm interested to see whether exposure to a name you dislike makes you warm to it if it's attached to a nice person, or whether as cute as little Elliot or Stanley is, you're never going to like the name. Or - controversial here - do you even treat that person differently because of their name, subconsciously or otherwise? Like, do you give your son 'nicer-looking' cards to take to Alex's birthday parties than to Stanley's, just because you like his name better?

    (No offence to those who like Elliot, Stanley or Reverie out there, they're just examples of types of names that people may not like)

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    Well, I don't like when babies are named something common, because I think if more babies have unusual names, my future child will not stand out in negative way. Recently I put a lot of thoughts in names I hear. I really hope more people have unusual names and wish I can find some statistics that is relevant.
    Sorry for mistakes, I am foreigner.
    If you like unusual and remarkable names, use them!
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    I know the sweetest kids with the most horrendous names. I don't give it a second thought.

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    My adorable little nephew is named Mckay, which is a fine name - one I would personally never use, not really my style, but it's a nice name. If I had had a say, I would have discouraged the use of this name. But I'm totally in love with the boy, so I like the name now. Does that make sense? Or is that weird? Hahaha...
    On the contrary, my niece (whom I see less) is named Vienna and I like that one even less. It hasn't grown on me as much as Mckay has.
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    Having someone in my life with a name I dislike wouldn't bother me to be honest. I may have a few private preliminary thoughts about certain names, but I'm not going to pull a full on Katy Hopkins and refuse to associate with someone just because of their name. I'd actually much rather I came into contact with people with names I dislike- at least then I know I'm not going to be crossing favourites off my list.
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