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    Artemis - Usable?

    Is this firmly in the guilty pleasure zone or a quirky middle name choice?

    I have a fondness for Greek names and Artemis is a new love of mine.

    My favorite name combinations are classic names I like and family middles. I have been thinking of adding unusual names in the middle to spice up the combinations. Some other name I like are Temperance, Persephone, Fiammetta and Alcyone.
    Could I have your thoughts in this thread? I'll return the favor.

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    Yes, yes, yes. I adore Artemis.
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    I like Artemis, but only for a boy.

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    i love Artemis, unfortunately my bf HATES HATES it. so it's off the list.

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    Guilty pleasure for me. Especially with the association to the male Artemis Fowl which has brought the name to more mainstream attention in recent years. Disney brought the rights to the movie so it hasn't reached near its peak as yet.

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