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    My favs:
    Eva Rosalind- Flows so well!
    Briony Madeline- Love the use of Briony! It's really a rare gem...
    Eliza Romilly- A very interesting, spunky combo
    Ada Belphoebe- Just has so much personality...
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    Thank you all for your input. I see many of you love Freya Leontine, Eva Rosalind, Eliza Romilly and Ada Belphoebe. This ones are the keepers. If anyone want to give point to other names, now it's the time.

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    Eva Rosalind, Eva Melusine, and Eva Morgana are all absolutely gorgeous and I'm having a horrible time deciding between them. My other favorites from your list are Ada Belphoebe and Freya Leontine.
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    Of these combos my top picks are:

    Eva Morgana
    Eliza Romilly
    Ada Belphoebe
    Freya Leontine
    Briony Madeline

    I love Marigold, Rosalind, Melusine, and Georgina more but not as much with the combos they were in.

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    Rosalind Melusine - very classy combo, I like it
    Alice Georgina - very traditional compared to most of your list, I like it a lot though.
    Freya Melusine - this is my favorite of your Freya combos

    Eva Callisto - this is my favorite of your Eva combos

    Eva Rosalind - though I do like this one as well.

    Briony Madeline - I don't mind this one, it's pretty

    Callisto Maris - Callisto sounds a bit masculine since I'm used to hearing Callista, but I like Maris a lot. Briony Maris would be gorgeous

    Gotta say that Leda sounds a lot like leader to me, so it's not my favorite first on your list.
    Leda Marigold - this is my favorite of the Leda combos

    Leda Elodie - tongue twister, I'd nix it.
    Leda Romilly - same as above
    Leda Georgina - same
    Eliza Romilly - same

    Freya Melody - sounds a bit like frayed melody, I'd nix it.
    Emma Melusine - the M's run together a bit, I'd switch it or nix it
    Eva Briony - this is my least favorite of your Eva combos, I'd nix it.
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