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  • James "Jack" Kent Best

    12 41.38%
  • Patrick "Pax" Kent Best

    8 27.59%
  • Henry "Hal" Allen Best

    13 44.83%
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    Names for a Baby Boy in 2015

    Which do you prefer? James "Jack" Kent Best, Patrick "Pax" Kent Best, and Henry "Hal" Allen Best
    Hoping for a 2015 baby!

    Current loves: Clara Elizabeth, Anna Katherine, Katherine "Kate" Marie, Elisabeth "Elsie" Ann, Elizabeth "Libby" Ann, Ann(e) Marie, James Kent, Patrick Kent, Peter Allen, and Henry Allen

    Top Ten Little Ladies: Clara, Katherine, Catherine, Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Ann, Alice, Kate, Violet, Anna,
    Top Ten Little Lads: James, Patrick, Peter, Henry, Arthur, Benjamin, Grant, William, working on the rest

    If I named a baby tomorrow: James Kent or Clara Elizabeth

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    They are all nice names really. I don't like the nickname Pax but that's just personal preference, Patrick is a great name. Love James and love Henry. I voted Henry Allen simply b/c I like the way it flows best w/ your last name. That said, any of the three would be great choices to me. They are all nice strong, manly names which I love!
    Mom to Mhairi Elizabeth (March 19, 2010) & Fiona Lilidh (Dec 21, 2012) Baby #3 Due March 2014

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    I love Henry Allen (Hal). Patrick is nice, but Patrick Kent will slur to become Patrickent. What about Patrick Allen?
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    Camellia, Valentina

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    I voted for Patrick and James but I agree with pp about Patrick Kent becoming a slur.

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    Henry Allen Best sounds like a movie star. Great name.

    (I don't like how "Hal Allen" sounds together, but how often would you be calling your child that?)

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