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Thread: Clio?

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    How hard do you think it would be for people to understand that Clio is said like Cleo? Also, do you think it would be a major pain spelling it this way? I love the connection to the muse, and see it as more of a full name as opposed to Cleo, which looks like a nickname for Cleopatra to me.

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    I absolutely love Clio (it's on my long list). This name is so straightforward, I can't see your daughter having pronunciation issues. I also prefer the Clio spelling -- mythic, sleek, elegant, and lovely.

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    I agree with you - Clio is a full name, Cleo is Cleopatra's nickname.
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    I agree with everything Augusta said. Clio is a gorgeous, mythical name with a great muse connection. I don't think anyone will have a hard time saying it. And it is a full name (as opposed to Cleo, which is a nickname). I prefer it to Cleo. ^_^
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    Thank you all for your words of encouragement! I think Clio will definitely be on my lists for future babies.

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