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    I love Ariel. I know only two, one is grown up, one is teenager. I think you're safe.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I knew an Ariel (Arielle? Ariela?) in college, but that's the only one I ever came across. A dear friend of mine almost named her daughter Arielle, nn Ari. I find the Arielle spelling more appealing, but they're all lovely. I don't find it downmarket at all (Ariana, either).

    Have you considered something along the lines of Aurelia/Aurelie, Aurora, Araminta, or Arabella, nn Ari? I sympathize--I adore Ari, as well! Arianne (I don't really find Ariana/Arianna downmarket, but Arianne is so obscure it doesn't really have any cultural expectations, imo!) nn Ari is on my own list; I adore it. I would love to meet more Ariannes--I don't understand why Ariana and Arianna and Ariel are so popular, but not Arianne. I think Ariella is also lovely, and much less affected by cultural stereotypes than Ariel(le) might be. Still a very pretty name, and the meaning, "lion of God" is pretty amazing, imo.
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    I think of Ariel Castro, as well as the little mermaid. What about Aurielle? I know a little Aurielle, she is four, totally adorable & she loves her name. I would advise against Ariela, since it mat be too similar sounding to Araeola.
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    All of the people named Ariel I know are male, since it's a very popular name for Jewish men (as is Ari). For a girl, I see it as very dated to the late 80s/early 90s. How about Aurelia or Aurora?
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    I second Ariella! Hear, hear!

    I do know an Ariel, however -- a niece-in-law. I thought her name was a delightful surprise. I have no doubt from her age that her mom was inspired by the Little Mermaid, but I am not at all sure that is a bad thing. Belle? Aurora? Names easily transcend to connote so much more. Ariel was a spirit in Shakespeare -- and her name as used by Disney a very clever joke, as it is often taken to mean "of the air."

    I think sometimes we baby name get a little hung up on ideas such as sib sets must be very matchy or a name is "lower class." First of all, that stuff changes all the time -- and from place to place. Many more names hover between and wobble among classes than we are willing to admit. If you love a name, use it with confidence that any daughter of yours will MAKE it classy.

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