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Thread: Build a Sibset

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    ((I think I wanna throw up just looking at some of those spellings, lol))

    DH: Menelaus Jehoshaphat Williams
    DW: Innocencia Helga Williams
    DD: Persephone Echo Williams
    DS/DS: Castor Hegai and Pollux Adolph
    DD: Asphodel Cassiopeia
    DS: Hezekiah Judas
    DS: Agamemnon Amminadab
    DD/DD: Tamar Olga and Tiera (Tear-a, my name) Gertrude

    Snow family, nature, 5 children

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    DW: Rosette Faye Snow
    DH: Forrest Creech Snow

    DD: Winter Lei Snow
    DD: Flora Lilac Snow
    DS: Bear Ash Snow
    DS: Woody Glenn Snow
    DD: Galaxy Meadow Snow

    Viola family, 8 girls, all names must be more than six letters and in the top 500 of 1900
    Emmylou, Erica, Rydel, Brinlie, Maia, Georgia, Finley, Kambree

    Keegan, Riker, Ross, Luke, Ryan, Ellington, Shor, Ashton

    Teenberry, R5er, and I like buying stuff with my name on it.

    Love, Kaylee Mary.

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    LN: Viola

    DW: Vera Ellen Viola
    DH: Cleveland Van Viola
    DD: Mary Mae Viola
    DD: Ada Harriet Viola
    DD: Zella Lue Viola
    DD/DD: Jane Florine Viola / Lula Maude Viola
    DD: Daisy Olive Viola
    DD: Effie Marguerite Viola
    DD: Cleo Fay Octavia Viola

    Landers family, 7 children (1 set of triplets + 2 sets of twins, all girls), sets of multiples each have matchy first names, all have 1 syllable middles
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    LN: Landers
    DH: Zacharia James
    DW: Persephone Bay

    DD: Kylie Rose
    DD: Jamie Maeve
    DD: Bailey Pearl

    DD: Lindsay Jade
    DD: Lorena Paige

    DD: Britney Lee
    DD: Whitney Anne

    Last name Sanders. 6kids. All must have different initials and sound completely different and be individual without being too out there.

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    DH: Sylvan James Sanders.
    DW: Rosalie Vivian Sanders.

    DD: Clementine Rose Sanders.
    DD: Valentina Catherine Sanders.
    DS: Liam Sebastian Sanders.
    DS: Izaak Hayden Sanders.
    DD: Etta Charlotte Sanders.
    DS: Teagan Levant Sanders.

    Last name Vito. 4 kids. First names colors, middle names mythological.

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