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    You & Your Siblings!

    Hello Berries!

    I know there's already a "You & Your Siblings" thread, but this one has an exclamation mark on the end which makes it 100% better and plus this one you can give descriptions. I'm just very curious about real-life sibsets!

    So basically, you & your sibling's names, ages (if you feel comfortable), brief description of them, interests, etc...

    Owen William (18) Dirty blonde hair, bluish-gray eyes, likes anything aquatic, plays baseball, has a frog named Comet Asteroid
    Catalina Rosalie (ME, 16) Dirty blonde hair, gray eyes, plays volleyball, runs cross-country, has two gerbils named Robert William & Charles Patrick
    Fiona Elizabeth (12) White-blonde hair, blue eyes, likes bananas, has a pet hamster named Maisie Angelina, plays soccer
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    Girls: Ivy, Caroline, Bryony, Augusta, Columbia, Sage, Delphine

    Boys: Adrian, Halcyon, Everett, Nathaniel, Elliott, Brighton, Theodore, Levi

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