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Thread: Linus William?

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    Question Linus William?

    William is a family name, honoring a girl who goes by Billie (full name Sybilla). But William doesn't really seem to click with Linus. Is there any other way I could honor a Sybilla for a boy? Thanks

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    Linus William sounds fine to me. It's not the most incredible combo I've ever heard, but I do think it's handsome. I can't really think of any other options for a boy.

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    Linus William is very handsome, I love it.

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    Love Linus (considering it for my own list!), and Linus William works perfectly well imo. I had even considered it when I was considering Linus combos for my own list. The only other thing I can think of is the unisex Bellamy--Bella/Billa sort of sounds similar? Linus Bellamy?
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    Linus Sebastian maybe? Or Linus Abel?

    Linus Sylvan?

    Linus William is still my favorite though I think. The names flow very nicely together, and that it's nice to root something more unusual like Linus with something as classic as William in the middle. My second choice would be Linus Sebastian. Sylvan seems more clearly connected to Sybilla to me, but repeating both the S and L sound seems like too much.

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