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    Namebank CAF 12.26.14

    LN: Perry, Mann, Brown, Dennis, Harper
    Maiden Name: Savage, Pinson, Whiting, Lumpkin, Wayne
    DGF (64): Blake, Justin, Elijah, Michael, Cornelius
    DGM (63): Paisley, Audrey, Kelsey, Giselle, Kayla
    DD1 (40): Briar, Harper, Haley, Jade, Wren
    DD2 (37): Lark, Charlotte, Piper, Brook, Sage

    LN: Franklin, Stevens, Hammond, Jones, Roberson
    DD1 (40):
    DH (42): Andrew, Landen, Abraham, Riley, Shane
    ds/dd/dd (12): Stephen, Spencer, Preston, Simon, Henry/Jordan, Lydia, Bailey, Emily, Olivia/Mackenzie, Amelia, Hillary, Grace, Mary

    LN: Wright, Lee, Scott, Williams, Green
    DD2 (37):
    DH (37): Nathan, Atticus, Finn, Collin, Noel
    dd (10): Eve, Brigitte, Kennedy, Nora, Camille
    dd (7): Corinne, Violet, Angelique, Avery, Lea
    ds/dd (4): Oliver, Noah, Dexter, Dean, Charles/Elise, Hope, Caroline, Claire, Ivy
    ds (1): Russell, Samuel, James, Clay, Frederick

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    LN: Perry
    DGF (64): Elijah Michael "Eli"
    DGM (63): Kayla Giselle (Savage)
    DD1 (40): Wren Harper
    DD2 (37): Sage Piper

    LN: Franklin
    DD1 (40): Wren Harper (Perry)
    DH (42): Riley Andrew
    ds/dd/dd (12): Simon Preston/Emily Jordan/Amelia Mackenzie "Mia"

    LN: Wright
    DD2 (37): Sage Piper (Perry)
    DH (37): Noel Atticus
    dd (10): Camille Kennedy "Millie"
    dd (7): Avery Violet
    ds/dd (4): Dean Charles/Elise Caroline
    ds (1): James Frederick "Jamie"

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    LN: Harper
    MN: Whiting
    DGF [64] Justin Michael
    DGM [63] Kelsey Giselle
    DD1 [40] Harper Jade
    DD2 [37] Piper Charlotte

    LN: Jones
    DD1 [40] Harper
    DH [42] Riley Andrew
    DS/DD/DD [12] Henry Spencer/Jordan Olivia/Grace Amelia

    LN: Wright
    DD2 [37] Piper
    DH [37] Nathan Finn
    DD [10] Camille Nora
    DD [7] Lea Violet
    DS/DD [4] Noah Oliver/Caroline Elise
    DS [1] James Samuel


    Justin and Kelsey and their daughters, Harper and Piper, Harper's husband Riley and triplets, Henry, Jordan and Grace and Piper's husband Nate and five kids, Camille, Lea, Noah, Caroline and James.

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    Names that make me happy:

    Matthias Lake, August Raphael, Felix Everett & Maeve Audrey, Adele Marigold, Elizabeth Irene
    Thinking About: Genevieve Orchid, Liv Magdalena, Sophie Lorelei & Ezra Dashiell, Edmund Rafferty, Rowan Xavier

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    DH (64): Michael Blake Dennis "Micky"
    DW (63): Audrey Giselle Dennis (née Whiting)
    - DD1 (40): Wren Harper Dennis
    - DD2 (37): Lark Piper Dennis


    DD1 (40): Wren Harper Franklin (née Dennis)
    DH (42): Abraham Riley Franklin "Abram"
    - DS1/DD1/DD2 (12): Henry Simon Franklin, Lydia Olivia Franklin and Amelia Mary Frankin


    DD2 (37): Lark Harper Wright (née Dennis)
    DH (37): Finn Atticus Wright
    - DD1 (10): Norah Eve Wright
    - DD2 (7): Violet Corinne Wright
    - DS1/DD3 (4): Dexter Dean Wright and Ivy Elise Wright
    - DS2 (1): Samuel Clay Wright


    Micky and Audrey's children:
    Wren and Lark

    Micky and Audrey's grandchildren:
    Henry, Lydia, Amelia, Norah, Violet, Dexter, Ivy and Samuel
    sylvie beatrice. poppy olivine. imogen pippa. johanna colette. reva hermione. florence bryony.
    louie matthias. clement wright. hampton hugo. walter lachlan. boris jagger. dougal frederick.

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