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    So far we have 4 guy names dh and I agree on. Would love opinions and middle name/combo suggestions. Would love to honor my sister who passed recently, her name was Emalie Elizabeth - if you can find a way to masculine-ly honor her in a boy name I'd love to hear it! My dad's name, Brian, is another possibiliy for a middle.

    *Emmett (obvi this one already honors Emma, so no need for a tribute mn)

    We are early in the game, so open to other suggestions

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    I really like Holden - perhaps with Eli as a middle name?
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    Funny, I was going to suggest Holden Eli or Holden Elias.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freya_1983 View Post
    I really like Holden - perhaps with Eli as a middle name?
    I need to read a Catcher in the Rye before I can put my whole heart behind Holden, lol! Need to find out what sort of character he was...
    I'm finishing up John Steinbach's East of Eden right now (no good names in there unfortunately!), so will pick that up next

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    How about Emil as a tribute? Classic, artistic, unique but not "out there"...would work well with Calvin, perhaps?

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