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Thread: E. E. E.

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    I see nothing wrong with it.
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    eeek- Eastern Equine Encephalitis!!!!!!

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    Adorable!! Emma Elizabeth is super cute.

    I was almost Emily Elizabeth, until my grandma objected to that because she didn't want me to be named after a character in Clifford the Big Red Dog.

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    I'm MJM, (Mattie JoHannah M.) and was almost MMM (Mattie Mariejade M.) or MNM (Mattie Noraleigh M.) but they disregarded MMM because my dad changed his mind on Mariejade and MNM because it sound like M&M.

    EEE is cute, and u don't mind triples as long as it's not KKK or YYY. I hate anitials that spell things. I've met an A.S.S, an H.A.G, an A.K.C, and a L.O.V.H, who was LOVE but then got married. I've also met an Alyssa Catherine, which is bad because of the Alley Cat references she got in school.
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    I think it is adorable <3

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