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    Tristan or sebastian????????

    hello, my husband and me are down to two names for our boy, due in December....Tristan or Sebastian? My husband thinks that Tristan sounds too feminine, I don't think it does....What does everyone think? Is Tristan or Sebastian a cooler name? I can't decide!!!!!

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    Tristan is a little feminine. I would definitely go with Sebastian.
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    Definitely Sebastian! It's a wonderful name. I don't like Tristan at all. I don't think it's necessarily's just very boring.

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    I adore Tristan! So my vote goes to Tristan.

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    I actually find Sebastian to be more feminine... and I also know quite a number of young Sebastians. Tristan is the name of a hero, how could it be anything but masculine??? Maybe make him read the story, and he'll fall in love with Tristan. To me, it's a less frilly name than Sebastian.
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