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    Red face Thoughts on name

    Would like to know your thoughts on the name Ezer.
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    I like Evram... maybe due to the similarity with other Ev- names (Evan, Everett, Ever). Ezer is my least favourite... depending upon how it's pronounced, it will either make me think of Ebenezer Scrooge, or the word 'geezer'.

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    Evram- Hmm, never heard this one. Is it Hebrew? A variation of Ephraim? Not sure I like it. I prefer other Ev names. Evan, Evander, Everett, etc. I like this better than Davian and Ezer.
    Ephraim- This one is nice, unexpected. I think he'd have some issues with spelling and pronunciation his whole life, but I like it.
    Davian- not a fan. I'm unfamiliar with this. It sounds made up (not saying it is, just that it sounds so), a smoosh of David and Ian or something. I prefer Damian, Devon, David or something in that vein.
    David- this is great. It's not as rare as the other names on your list, but I've never met a David I didn't like.
    Ezer- another I'm not familiar with. Prefer Ezra. This sounds like an unfinished name, or like a nickname to a longer name.

    We obviously have very different taste in names, so it's hard to give you any feedback you might find useful. If it helps, this is feedback from a Mexican-American in the Pacific North West of the US.
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    From your list, I love Ephraim. I've tried to get DH to agree to it, but he thinks it's "strange sounding". I find it to be one of those wonderfully vintage Biblical names that is familiar, but rarely used. Ezer would be a wonderful nn for the dashing Eliezer (my all-time fav name), but not so much on its own...
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