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Thread: New caf

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)

    New caf

    DH: Fn=your grandfathers name
    mn=your choice
    2nd mn= actor

    Dw: fn=actress
    mn= type of car
    2nd mn= disney character

    Ds fn= restuarant
    mn= a surname
    2nd mn= food

    dd: fn= earthy name
    mn=letter that can be a name (eg: Elle, Kay, Jay, Bee)
    2mn= you chooe

    Ds: fn=place name
    mn= your least favourite boys name
    2nd mn=clothing brand

    dd/dd: Fn= season
    2nd= holiday name (eg:holly, merry)

    fn= flower
    mn=your grandmothers name
    2nd mn= a song title - See more at:
    εїз Danielle
    B.A.R '08
    L.F.A '10

    Dazzling Dudes ✂---Phoenix -Cyrus- Aeydn- Xavier- Enzo-Rory-Zandyr┅┅
    Delightful Divas ✂--Kairi -Peyton-Lilith- Alana- Eliese- Arlah- Cydnie- Marnie- Octavia- Isabeau- Ksenia- Novalie┅


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    DH: Joseph Arthur Benedict
    DW: Ginger Camry Briar-Rose

    DS: Penn Franklin Basil
    DD: Poppy Jay Birdie

    Ds: Paris Chuck Burberry

    DD/DD: Primavera* Indigo Bell, "Prim"/ Pansy Mae Billie-Jean

    *Spring in Italian

    Wow, this kind of turned into a horribly pun filled family! I was entertained.
    Last edited by celphd; October 18th, 2013 at 10:57 PM. Reason: Decided to add -Jean to Billie
    * A Nameberry Nightmare*

    Mr. Fry: So, what should we name him?
    Mrs. Fry: Uh, you pick. I picked dinner last night.
    Mr. Fry: Well, I was thinking of Philip. After those screwdrivers?
    Mrs. Fry: That's a great idea! More morphine, please.

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    DH: Nicholas Philo James
    DW: Ingrid Sonata Belle

    DS: Friday Goodman Benedict
    DD: Almond Bea Imogen

    DD/DD: Spring Lilac Gloria & Summer Rose Joy

    DD: Achillea Lorraine Roxanne

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