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Thread: Cordis Allison?

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    Cordis Allison?

    We are REALLY struggling with a girl name to go with our DD, Vesper Elizabeth.

    Severine, Ondine, Renata...all top contenders but we're having issues with each for varying reasons.

    H is pushing hard for Cordis.

    Mother to Vesper and Ondine

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    Not a fan of Cordis, to be honest. It sounds like Cordless to me when said quickly. This is completely random, but how about Djuna? I think it would go fabulously with Vesper. I also like Sybil from your signature. Other suggestions:
    Vesper and Blaise
    Vesper and Cosima
    Vesper and Daphne
    Vesper and Eliska
    (lol I almost wrote Hesper, until I realized...)
    Vesper and Iris (love this!)
    Vesper and Lux
    Vesper and Lyra
    Vesper and Mira
    Vesper and Phoenix (also love this)
    Vesper and Reyna (similar to Renata, which I also like)
    Vesper and Sage
    Vesper and Sedona
    Vesper and Signe
    Vesper and Tatum
    Vesper and Tamsin
    Vesper and Zelda
    Vesper and Xylia (zye-lee-uh)

    Best of luck!

    Saylor * Daphne * Cecily * Reverie * Elise * Amaryllis * Hadley * Madeline * Sage * Eliora * Kaia

    Phineas * Gandy * Reynard * Flynn * Darwin * Zane * Asher * Pascal * Maverick * Quentin * Archer

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    Sorry, I don't like the sound of Cordis much.

    Severine, on the other hand, is divine.

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    Cordis sounds like a males name.
    Current favorites:
    Cora . Louisa . Lydia . Mary

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeska View Post
    Sorry, I don't like the sound of Cordis much.

    Severine, on the other hand, is divine.
    Thanks! It's been our top for a while...but then we realized that both our girls would have names of Bond ladies in the recent movies!!!!! That's bad, right!? hahaha
    Mother to Vesper and Ondine

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