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    Classic, Elegant names for the middle spot please!!!

    So hubby is pretty adamant that we give our "poor kids" (not pregnant yet, but I hope soon!!!) "normal" middle names to go with my "out there" first name choices that he has reluctantly agreed to, Cytheria and Sequoia.

    So now I need some help coming up with middles that are "normal", which to me means timeless, that go with those. So far I like (stylistically, but not necessarily with my names):



    Rules: can't begin with a vowel or end in "l" or "a" so obviously some of these don't work

    Thanks, berries!!!
    Sequoia Orion born November 2014
    Considerations for our next child's name: Cytheria, Caspian, Seraphina, Arcadia, Venture
    Middles: Beatrix, Dwyn, Jupiter, Violet, Zephyr, River

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    Yup, that's what they're like. I really like Sequoia Jonathan and Cytheria Violet from your signature, but here are some more:

    Sequoia Benedict
    Sequoia Christopher
    Sequoia Constantine
    Sequoia Geoffrey
    Sequoia Gregory
    Sequoia Henry
    Sequoia Hugh or Hugo
    Sequoia Laurence or Lawrence
    Sequoia Lewis or Louis
    Sequoia Matthew
    Sequoia Nathan
    Sequoia Peter
    Sequoia Philip
    Sequoia Robin
    Sequoia Thomas
    Sequoia Vincent

    Cytheria Cecily or Cicely
    Cytheria Celeste
    Cytheria Clemence
    Cytheria Dorothy
    Cytheria Florence
    Cytheria Helen
    Cytheria Jasmine
    Cytheria Josephine
    Cytheria Joy or Joyce
    Cytheria Lily
    Cytheria Louise
    Cytheria Marianne
    Cytheria Meredith
    Cytheria Natalie
    Cytheria Rose
    Cytheria Ruby
    Cytheria Sophie
    Cytheria Susan
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Cytheria Maeve
    Cytheria Charlotte
    Cytheria Margot
    Cytheria Frances
    Cytheria Jane
    Cytheria June
    Cytheria Chloe
    Cytheria Daphne
    Cytheria Phoebe

    Sequoia Charles
    Sequoia Garrett
    Sequoia Martin
    Sequoia Winston
    Sequoia Xavier
    Sequoia Bennett
    Sequoia Bentley
    Sequoia Connor
    Sequoia Jared
    Sequoia Luke
    Sequoia Ruben
    Sequoia Ronan
    Sequoia Tobin
    Sequoia Tobias

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    @ottilie, do you ever find that in picking out names, the more "common" ones already tend to have associations with people you know? I realize this might be why I like unique names so much - no prior feelings. I have uncles named Gregory, Peter, and Christopher, so those are out unfortunately. A few others from your list are ex-lovers (eek). and my husband's name is Jeff so Geoffrey is definitely out (he is offended by the G spelling, lol)... On ths girls side I don't have nearly as many conflicts... I like Florence, Rose. hubby likes Jasmine (interesting...). Thank you for the suggestions! As you know, everything helps.

    @judyariel, thanks for your list! For boy middles I like Tobias - this has actually been on my list for awhile but I never thought about pairing it with Sequoia. For girls, I like Daphne. I have a bush of the flowers on my deck - they smell so lovely!
    Sequoia Orion born November 2014
    Considerations for our next child's name: Cytheria, Caspian, Seraphina, Arcadia, Venture
    Middles: Beatrix, Dwyn, Jupiter, Violet, Zephyr, River

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    Cytheria Rosemary
    Cytheria Felicity
    Cytheria June
    Cytheria Marguerite
    Cytheria Louise
    Cytheria Hester
    Cytheria Luna
    Cytheria Hazel
    Cytheria Daphne
    Cytheria Lenore
    Cytheria Beatrix
    Cytheria Inez
    Cytheria Florence
    Cytheria Vivienne
    Cytheria Millicent
    Cytheria Thais (love this)
    Cytheria Mae
    Cytheria Leonie
    Cytheria Honor
    Cytheria Regine

    Sequoia Calder (I really like this one)
    Sequoia Eamon
    Sequoia Quillan
    Sequoia Conrad
    Sequoia Kenyon
    Sequoia Michael
    Sequoia James
    Sequoia Walter
    Sequoia Gabriel
    Sequoia Thomas
    Sequoia Luther
    Sequoia Julian
    Sequoia Charles
    Sequoia Harris
    Sequoia Frederick
    Sequoia Desmond
    Sequoia Gideon
    Sequoia Phineas
    Sequoia Martin
    Sequoia Maxwell
    Sequoia Clark
    Sequoia Malcolm
    Sequoia Henry
    Sequoia Harmon
    Sequoia Gentry
    Sequoia Felix
    Sequoia Caspian

    Do you like any of these?
    Simon, Eloise/Louise, Faye, Judah, Thea, Felix, Iris, Cordelia, Roscoe, Lydia, Jasper, Phaedra, Adrian, Lucinda, Jane, Conrad, Wallace, Finnegan, Sylvie, Charlie, Dashiell, Juniper, Atlas, Matilda, Julian, Alice, Marlowe, Octavia, Jack, Marigold, Archer, Gabriel, Persephone, Raphael, Dov

    Just a grad student, dreaming ahead...

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