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    Narrowing the List

    Eleanor is due March 11!

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    Alaric - due to the E & A sound being so close in pronunciation, I don't love Alaric with Eleanor
    Alexander - same as above
    Amos - Eleanor is a stunning classic, I don't really see Amos fitting in with her
    Anderson - is a lastname to me
    Archer - is cool
    Arlo - the sound kind of reminds me of Eleanor
    Arthur - love it, a great classic and has the same style as your daughters name
    Asa - same as Amos
    August - love it
    Baxter - too harsh
    Bennett - works really well
    Clark - not my favourite but would work
    Crane - is a machine
    Cyrus - Miley
    Dexter - see Baxter
    Duncan - nms
    Everett - I'm not a fan of both names starting with the same letter but it also doesn't really fit in
    Ezra - same as above
    Felix - love it with Eleanor
    Fletcher - too harsh for me
    Garrett - nms
    Graham - more of a surname to me
    Griffin - cool
    Grover - reminds me of groove
    Harrison - would make the set sound vintage / very old (which isn't a bad thing)
    Hugo - fantastic
    Isaac - nms
    Isiah - nms
    Jackson - love Jack but Jackson is not my style
    Jonah - nice
    Jude - ok
    Julian - is somewhat classic, work really well with Eleanor
    Julius - see Julian
    Linus - nms but same asa above
    Lysander - too unusual for my style
    Malcolm - in the middle (and I've never watched that show)
    Miles - ok
    Miller - last name
    Nigel - nms
    Owen - nms
    Patrick - 80s
    Porter - last name
    Ralph - older than Patrick but not vintage
    Roman - nms
    Samson - nms
    Stanley - has quite modern feel
    Sterling - meh
    Sullivan - last name
    Thatcher - last name
    Theodore - love it & love Theo even more
    Truman - last name
    Walt - Disney
    Walter - same as Ralph
    Wyatt - ok
    Wylie - Kylie

    My favourites to go with Eleanor:

    Jackson / Jack
    Theodore / Theo

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    Eleanor is classic, old fashioned, sweet. You need a boys name to compliment. With Eleanor, I like:


    The ones that have obvious issues and I don't think make good firsts with Eleanor at all:

    Jude -- With Jude, I would think of the Beatles songs Eleanor Rigby and Hey Jude.
    Theodore -- they rhyme.

    The ones that are really different styles and I don't think sound nice together at all:

    Alaric -- Very old world, ancient sound with Eleanor sounding like the 1800s
    Anderson -- I just find -son names so trendy next to Eleanor
    Archer -- occupation names are also too trendy next to Eleanor IMO
    Crane -- Word names are very odd when put next to old fashioned Eleanor
    Cyrus -- Place name and ancient sounds next to Eleanor
    Dexter -- very modern sound, very right now compared to Eleanor
    Fletcher -- see Archer
    Garrett -- Garrett just sounds very strange and hard next to Eleanor
    Griffin -- too mythological and right now
    Harrison -- see Anderson
    Jackson -- See Anderson
    Lysander -- See Alaric
    Miller -- see Archer
    Porter -- See Archer
    Roman -- This is just an odd pair to me
    Sterling -- very sort of modern and trendyish
    Thatcher -- see Archer
    Wyatt -- same as with Wylie
    Wylie -- Sweet old fashioned Eleanor and cowboy Wylie?
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    Oh my gosh, it honestly hadn't occurred to me that Theodore and Eleanor rhyme. Crazy.

    Thanks y'all.
    Eleanor is due March 11!

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    Alaric- too sinister.
    Alexander- too common, and he was uncultured... he burned down Persepolis. Talk about a brute with no respect!
    Amos- love this... perhaps because I think of the Famous Amos cookies. It's really underused, and goes so well with Eleanor! They both have a vintage charm...
    Anderson- I do really like this name... although I prefer Amos & Eleanor to Anderson & Eleanor.
    Archer- don't like the matching -r endings on Eleanor and Archer.
    Arlo- I really, really dislike this name. I don't know why, but this is perhaps the name I dislike the most in the world (along with Nevaeh).
    Arthur- Love this name, but not with Eleanor... -r -r.
    Asa- I also love this with Eleanor... they're slightly different styles to me, but Asa and Eleanor sound great together.
    August- Love it!
    Baxter- Dog name.
    Bennett- Cute, but it's always seemed feminine to me.
    Clark- Love! This is one of those understated, dashing names to me. I think of the swoon-worthy Clark Kent! Eleanor and Clark... wonderful!!! Love, love, love, love, love!
    Crane- Not a fan.
    Cyrus- Love this name, but not with Eleanor.
    Dexter- I think of a punk or a serial killer.
    Duncan- Eleanor and Duncan... oooo... this is up there with Clark! Such wonderful choices!
    Everett- Not big on doing 2 E names...
    Ezra- Ditto.
    Felix- Great name for a cat, but not for a human. Plus, it makes me think of a nerdy, annoying boy.
    Fletcher- -r ending.
    Garrett- Another gem! Eleanor and Garrett... very cute, sensitive name. I still prefer Duncan and Clark, but another nice choice.
    Graham- I love Graham... I do... but it doesn't stand out quite as much as Duncan or Clark. It seems like more of a safe, expected choice.
    Griffin- Not a good fit.
    Grover- -r ending... and wasn't he on Sesame Street?
    Harrison- Very cute, but another one of those "safe choice" sort of names.
    Hugo- To me, this doesn't go with Eleanor. Eleanor is a simple, vintage, no-frills name to me... For a boy's name, Hugo is quite frilly. I'd much prefer Eleanor and Hugh.
    Isaac- It's ok.
    Isiah- No.
    Jackson- Trendy.
    Jonah- Doesn't fit.
    Jude- Love it, but not the best fit... especially when you already mentioned Clark and Duncan.
    Julian- Ok
    Julius- Doesn't fit...
    Linus- Again, a name I associate with an annoyingly nerdy boy or a cat.
    Lysander- -r ending.
    Malcolm- Ok, this ranks up there with Duncan and Clark. I still think Clark goes the best with Eleanor, but Eleanor and Mac is also quite divine.
    Miles- Too common.
    Miller- -r.
    Nigel- Nerdy annoying... What about Nevin, Piers, or Rupert?
    Owen- I know soooooooooo many young Owens. No.
    Patrick- I actually like Patrick with Eleanor, although this would be #4 or #5 so far...
    Porter- No.
    Ralph- To vomit?
    Roman- Wrong style.
    Samson- Swooning! Eleanor and Sam would be great! I'd LOVE to meet a young Samson!
    Stanley- Love this with Eleanor! Stanton would also be great... but I don't like the nn Stan.
    Sterling- This is one of my all-time top boy's names. This might be #2 to Clark. Sterling and Eleanor sounds like such a wonderful, vintage duo.
    Sullivan- No.
    Thatcher- No.
    Theodore- No... -r -r again...
    Truman- Very nice! Truman and Eleanor would be great!
    Walt- No.
    Walter- -r -r
    Wyatt- Way too trendy... and mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys. A bit too Wild West for me.
    Wylie- Coyote? Pass.
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