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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    LN - Gregson

    DH - Richard Leo *richie*
    DW -Lavinia Grace * vini*
    DS - Alexander Jesse *Xander*
    DD/DD -Constance Belle & Genevieve Pearl *Connie & Genna*
    DS - Harvey Oscar * Harv*
    DS/DD/DD - Theodore Percy, Evangeline Nancy & Charlotte Emily * Theo, Eva & Leti*
    DD - Elizabeth Ruby *Libby/Eliza*
    DS/DS - Chester Evan & Jacob Ivor
    DD- Josephine Alice * Zephy*
    DS/DD -Isaac Floyd *zaci*

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    LN - Bates, Barrow, Crawley, Carson, Clarkson, Grantham, Gregson, Hughes, Kent, Levinson, Mason, Molesley, Napier, Nugent, O'Brien, Patmore, Swire

    NAME BANK GIRLS - Alice, Anna, Agnes, Adella, Beryl, Beatrice, Belle, Beulah, Catherine, Charlotte, Celia, Constance, Daphne, Daisy, Edith, Ethel, Edna, Elizabeth, Eva, Esther, Eleanor, Estella, Eliza, Elsie, Emma, Emily, Evangeline, Frances, Florence, Gwen, Genevieve, Grace, Georgia, Helen, Isobel, Ivy, Iris, Ida, Jane, Josephine, Kathleen, Lavinia, Louise, Martha, Mary, May, Marigold, Mabel, Margaret, Minnie, Mamie, Nellie, Nancy, Olivia, Primrose, Pearl, Rose, Rosamund, Ruby, Ruth, Rebecca, Sophia, Stella, Sarah, Sybil, Vivian, Vera, Violet, Victoria

    NAME BANK BOYS - August, Alfred, Anthony, Albert, Arthur, Andrew, Alexander, Benedict, Benjamin, Charlie/Charles, Carson, Clarence, Chester, Daniel, Evelyn, Edward, Edgar, Evan, Earl, Earnest, Edwin, Everett, Frederick, Frank, Floyd, George, Henry, Horace, Hugh, Harry, Howard, Harvey, Isaac, Ivor, James, Joseph, John, Jesse, Jack, Jacob, Kieran, Lawrence, Leo, Louis, Matthew, Michael, Nicholas, Otto, Oscar, Oliver, Percy, Peter, Patrick, Phillip, Paul, Robert, Richard, Raymond, Rupert, Samuel, Theodore, Thomas, Victor, William, Walter

    DH - Albert Paul
    DW - Esther Sybil

    DS - Jacob Nicholas "Jake"
    DD/DD - Evangeline Ruby and Eleanor Margaret "Evie and El"
    DS - Edward Benjamin "Ed"
    DS/DD/DD - ,Isaac Matthew, Isobel Mary and Iris Catherine "Zac, Izzy and Iris"
    DD - Charlotte Belle "Lottie"
    DS/DS - Theodore Jesse and Thomas Anthony "Theo and Tom"
    DD - Rose Josephine "Rosie"
    DS/DD - Alice Rebecca and Alexander William "Ally and Alex"
    19 year old writer, baby name lover and avid reader!

    Top names at the moment
    Girls: Lillian Avery, Everly Grace, Isabelle Rose, Rosalie Eden, Violet Addyson & Charlotte Mae
    Boys: Theodore John, Nathaniel Troy, Masen Alexander, Logan Edward, Emmett Levi & Kainan Christopher.

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    Lifelong name lover.



    Kingston. Camden. Saul. Hudson. Dashiell.


    Elodie. Everleigh. Estee. Harper. Jamie.

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