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  • Rose

    23 40.35%
  • Rosemary

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  • Rosalie

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    Favorite "Rose" Name?

    Hi all,

    I really like the idea of using a "Rose" name for my daughter. I love how it is a classic, beautiful, and somewhat unusual name. It is also a family name that has significant meaning to me, plus I adore the nickname Rosie. I had planned on simply using the name Rose, but now I am unsure. I would love some help in deciding which name to use.


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    I love just plain Rose, but there are a lot of other sweet "Rose" names. Some of my favourites are: Rosalie, Rosalind and Rosamond.
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    My middle name is Rosalie, so I'm slightly biased
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    Rose is gorgeous and was my favourite girl's name, until I realised that the flow of Rose with my surname clashed dreadfully. Therefore when I stumbled across Rosalie I was thrilled because she worked with my surname and I still got my beloved Rose. Now Rosalie under much reconstruction of my naming list is still my favourite. A strong favourite of mine! Rosalie has a lot of class, feels very style, she's elegant, and sounds sweet. I love the nicknames surrounding Rosalie; Rose, Rosa, Rosie, Lee, and Ro. I think if you just love Rose go with that name. But, if you'd rather a longer name with the Rose nickname, use Rosalie she's just great, despite Rosemary being amazing, Rosalie is just beautiful. Very lush and elegant.

    : )

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    Of your three, Rosemary is my favorite. But my real favorite Rose name is Rosaline (said as ros-eh-line)

    There's also these that I love:

    Proserpina -- It's got rose in the middle and she's the Roman version of my daughters name.
    Roselani -- ros-eh-lah-nee -- heavenly rose
    Rosezana -- My Amazon Author Page

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