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    Other names you Both might like-Hopefully
    Alexandria-many nickname options if this helps
    Josephine or Josefina-again, many nn options -I love Fiona as a nn for Josefina
    Elisabeth (same as above for nn's) Seth, Elise, Beth, Betsie, Abbie, Libby* or Libba*
    Natalia (natalie, allie, lia)
    Dominique-my fave nn for this are Niqi(nikki), Micki, Minni*
    Florence with wren or Ora as a nn
    Emberley [emmy, ember, bree, lee, emma)
    Juneau (juno) -juni, junia, jo-jo, joey
    August or Augusta and nn's could be asha(aw-sha), austin(since austin is derived from the "cousin" name Augustine), or Aura
    Aubrielle, Quincy, Oaklyn, Melody, Harmony, Haven, Iris, Parker, Lark, Dawn, Robin, Raven, Evan...
    Ivory, Ceridwen, Damaris, Nova, Malachite(kai), Jay, Hyacinth, Cypress, Sienna, Olympia & Atlanta

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