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    Question Poet, Sonnet, Story...Love 'em but scared!

    Like many of us, my taste in names is ever-evolving. I am currently stuck on Poet, Sonnet and Story as names for a girl!
    I am not adventurous enough (at least not today) to use these as first names. I doubt my husband would go for them anyways! I would love to use one as a middle name though!

    So some questions for you berries out there:

    1. What do you think of these 3 names?
    2. What is your favorite and why?
    3. Are any of them realistically usable, or are they a setup for mocking and weird looks?
    4. What are some names similar in style and feel that are not so "out there" and literal?

    Thank you, I really look forward to seeing what everyone has to say!!!!!

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    I don't like these three names as first names. I know they're popular here, but they're too word-ish for me, especially since I am a writer. I don't think their classmates would make fun of them, but adults might think they're very odd. They might make very nice middle names, especially if you are a writer or a voracious reader or a poetry fan. Clementine Story, Everly Poet, or Julia Sonnet would be very nice combinations, for instance.

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    I think all three are very pretty. Story (and Paisley) are on my list. I have been discussing both with people, not on naming forums, which leads to discussions on lots of -wordy- names and I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on them. When I hear of an actual person with these names I fall more in love with them each time. If I have enough guts to use -wordy- names for a first I will use a more conservative Middle. You could use the -wordy- name in the middle and call the child by their middle name.
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    Going to keep it short:

    I really like them all for three darling little girls. Personally, they remind me a modern uptake--if someone had daughters named Faith, Hope, & Charity. Or somewhere along those lines.

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    I like them okay. Serenity is my favourite of those types of names
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