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    Nicknames for Chelsea?

    Okay, so my name is Chelsea. I have no problem with my name, I like it. The only problem is it's extremely hard to say with my last name. (Shaffer) So I'm looking for nicknames beyond the average Chels. Growing up I went by Cece, but that is still hard to say with Shaffer. Help!
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    Hmm... Shelly or Shell? I know Chelsea is a 'ch' sound but I've grown used to my friend Michelle spelling her nickname Chele (shell). Doesn't really help with Shaffer though.


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    I don't think Chelsea Shaffer is particularly hard to say, but I like the idea of Elsie(Elsea) as a nickname for Chelsea.
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    What about Chezzie?

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    Cece Shaffer is cute

    Cia/Cea/Sia (see-ah)
    Ellie or Elsie
    Chella (like Coachella!)
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