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    I need help picking a name.

    Hi there!

    I'm going to try and explain the situation as easily as possible.

    My entire life I have been in a state of dysphoria when it came to my name. I am now 23, born October 16th, and I have just really started coming to terms with accepting myself. I am non-binary when it comes to gender (gender fluid), though I am still very mixed-feminine when it comes to gender expression. I am pansexual. All in all I'm kind of unique I guess haha.
    I have gone through a lot with my family - very negative things - and then had an awful experience with my ex-boyfriend.
    That being said my name, Leighann, and my middle name, Elizabeth, are both wonderful names. However, they are both linked to really bad experiences where I deprived myself of acceptance and was treated very poorly in general with them.
    I'm looking to change it and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.
    I've played piano since I was 2 1/2, been singing since I can remember, I'm currently studying opera and acting. My personality type is an INFJ.....I do identify with being a Libra.
    I'm not really sure what else to say...

    I was looking into musical names and Calliope and Rhapsody seemed to stick out to me xD But I'd like to see if there were any suggestions that could help me out.

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    When I hear musical or at least close-to-musical names, the first ones that come to mind are Aria and Allegra. Just beyond musical and sort of related, I'd think of Sonnet, Story, Poet, Lyric... I'll give that some more thought, haha!

    (And on an unrelated note, happy for you, stranger! The very best of luck to you.)
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    What about Cadence/Cadenza?

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    I've always loved the way the name Aria sounds, you could do some cool stuff with it, I think. For example I LOVE the name Ariadne which could be construed as Aria. Find something that you just love the meaning of and OWN it! Good luck!
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    Calandra, Calypso, Cantrelle, Capella/Cappella, Cecilia, Eulalia/Eulalie, Corisande (It's amusing how many names I found started with a c). Good luck finding the right name!

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