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    Names Who's Popularity You Don't Understand

    Not names that you hate, just names you can't believe are as popular as they are.

    I don't understand how Nevaeh could be #47 last year. I know so many people how HATE this name, that even though it's not terrible to me, I can't see that many girls with the name. I would think it should be in the 500 or 600's.

    I also don't get the love for Aiden/Jayden/Kaden/Braden......ect. They aren't awful, I just wouldn't expect this many people to choose them.
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    I don't get the popularity of Madison and its misspellings.

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    Megan and its various spellings. It's not crazy popular now, but for my age group (I'm a senior in high school), there is at least one Megan/Meghan in all of my classes!
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    Imogen and Walter... those names specifically confuse me as to why they're becoming so popular. They went out of style for a reason...
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    Any form or spelling of Kate / Katie/ Katelyn. It's just such a plain name and over-used to me.

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