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    Lightbulb How popular is too popular for you?

    If that's something you take into account when choosing a name, of course. Top 10? Top 50? Top 100? Top 1000 even?

    Just curious about general opinions .
    ttc soon!

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    I try to stay outside of Top 50, at least. I love Oliver which is currently #52 (hopefully lower by the time I have children haha), but if I were to have a baby I would never choose a name more popular than around #50-#40 the year before.

    Ideally, I like names to be outside of top 200, and if they're even more rare (I have names on my list that aren't even in top 1000) that's just great
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    My thoughts on this are confusing. I don't like popular names. My name has been popular my whole life, I've spent a lot of my life being known as my last initial, or shirt or hair color. And I hate it. So I would like to try and use names that aren't as popular in my combos.
    For my names, I don't have a general rule such as "nothing in the top 100" or something. Each name has a limit. Like Lila can't get into the top 100 or else it's too popular. Maeve however is too popular in the top 250. And Sadie is too popular in the top 50. Boys, I don't care as much about popularity but still Carter can't be in the top 25, Jasper can't be in the top 100, and Torin shouldn't be in the top 1000.
    I think it's because the uncommon factor is why I like some of the names that can't go very high. I don't like Carter because it's uncommon but I do like Torin because of that. If that makes sense
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    To be honest, I don't really look at the Top Whatever lists much. If I see an article about it, I'll look for fun, but I don't seek them out. I've moved around a bit these last few years, so I have gotten the opportunity to hear a lot of names. What is popular in one area isn't necessarily popular in another area... If something like William or Isabella is on the Top 10 list, that doesn't mean that everyone will encounter a million of them in their everyday life. If I keep hearing the same name over and over, in multiple areas, then I wouldn't want to use that name for my child. I'm not too held up on popularity
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    Out of the top 1000 is where I like my names! Save the others for middles. I like my names unique and rare.
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