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    WORST Spelling Variation You've Ever Seen

    You've probably seen a few people with very kre8tiv spellings of their name. Some are a little appealing, but some cringe-worthy, but some are just atrocious. What are the worst ones you've ever seen.

    For girls I've met a Jazzmen (Jasmine), an Emmalee (Emily) & a Mackynzee (Mackenzie). The Mackynzee was inspired by the Duggar baby (uhhh).

    For boys I've met a Dannyel (Daniel) and a Krystofer (Christopher).
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    I knew a Kaehla (Kayla/Cayla) and a Marrck (Mark).

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    I know of a Khami
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    Vhiktoreah was on my facebook feed last week.

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    My own neice (brother-in-law's daughter) is Haleyna (pronounced like Helena). I cringe so much because she is such a gorgeous, bright little girl and I feel like the spelling is so white trash. Oh well, I still love her just the same!

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