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    Freya Flowerdrew
    Bridget or Brigid or Brigitte Flowerdew
    Juno Flowerdrew
    Georgina Flowerdew
    Cecily Beatrice, Charlotte Ravenna, Aurora Valkyrie, Rosalyn Amoret, Melody Seraphina, Rosamund Eliska

    Robin Lysander, Edmund Ludwig, Magnus Roland, Erik Godfrey, Tristan Emil, Percy Gaspar, Edward Lucius

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    Linnet Flowerdew

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    It's my personal favourite but Xanthe Flowerdew (ZAN-thee)

    These are some alternative ones which I thought sounded nice....
    Vivienna Flowerdew
    Sophia Flowerdew
    Georgiana Flowerdew
    Clio Flowerdew
    Tallulah Flowerdew
    Rowan Flowerdew
    Annabelle Flowerdew
    Celia Flowerdew
    Madeleine Flowerdew
    Ottilie Flowerdew
    Avon Flowerdew
    Eloise Flowerdew
    Lydia Flowerdew
    Saskia Flowerdew
    Ophelia Flowerdew
    Beatrice Flowerdew
    Eden Flowerdew
    Naomi Flowerdew

    Hope they helped

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    Lilia, Lilith, and Lilla are all similar to Lillian but far less popular. One of those would be a great compromise for the both of you.
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    Thanks for all the replies! A few mentioned that I totally love...Delphine, Persephone, Freya, Paloma, and Lilith. Unbelievably he has turned down Lilith, Lilia, and Lydia. I have no clue why he is so stuck on Lillian but I do get loving a name and having a hard time looking past it so I'm not giving him too much of a hard time. We are taking a name hiatus right now and I am hoping I can get him to budge a little bit after a break. I'm going to hit him with Nelle, Meadow, and Felicity. And as someone asked, no! I cannot get him to suggest any other names. It's driving me crazy.

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