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    no love for Gladys?

    I just discovered Gladys is my great grandmother's name. I was overjoyed because I have always thought it was a cool name, but nameberry says, "The cat's meow a century ago, featured in many romantic Edwardian novels, and now anything but. Shows no signs yet of making a comeback."


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    Chloris and Delores don't appear to be gaining any of their old popularity back, either. It's a peculiar thing, but name endings follow trends too, and this could be a low ebb for the -es, is, -ys pattern...

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    Ack. I like the very Welsh Gwladys, but more as a medieval character, not a real person. Other Welsh names ending in -ys are nice though - Carys, Nerys, Eirlys.

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    Sorry, I really dislike Gladys its an awful old name. My granddad named my mums dolls Gladys because nobody liked it. If it is your great grandmothers name then I think it is perfectly fine as I think meaning is more important then how trendy a name is.
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    I'm sorry to say this because Gladys is obviously a family name to you, but I really really dislike this name. It's TOO old fashioned with no charm or elegance to give it a little something. I think if you looked at similar names though, you could probably find a name similar in style that feels a little more fresh.

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