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    Harrison not Harry

    Hi my husband and I really like Harrison but we don't like Harry. We are concerned that people will nickname him Harry since it would be a natural shortening of that name. Do you think he will get Harry a lot?

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    I know a Harrison and I have NEVER heard anyone call him Harry, I think Harrison is a nice name

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    We have a little boy at the daycare where I work named Harrison and he is called Harry T because his last name starts with a T. I don't know how this name got started. It might have been his parents. I love Harrison! I think it is so cute! I think you could opt out of having a nickname and just make it really known that he isn't "Harry".
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    I personally like Harry, but if you don't I still don't think you'll have a problem. One of my husband's friends has a son named Harrison and he's never called Harry.
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    Agreed. Harrison is lovely, and I don't think it's inevitable that he'll be Harry (although I used to think Harry was adorable until Harry Styles became so famous!). All the times I've come across Harrison (which, granted, are all in TV shows!), they are always Harrison, never Harry. You could call him Harris or something, occasionally, just to try and stave off the unwanted nn?
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