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    Help If Its A Boy!

    So for those of you who haven't seen my other posts, we find out in a week if its a boy or girl- yay! We've picked Cora if its a girl. For boys we are struggling. I just want the name to be 'perfect' but my husband and I have such different styles for boys names! Middle name will be John. Here's what we have

    Oliver - I like this more than hubby. I think it's cute on a little boy and grows up well. Just not sure it's 'the' name.
    Seamus- love love love. I think it's adorable. But it doesn't flow with our last name which starts with an 's' sound. It kind of runs together.
    Declan- I fell in love the first time I heard it. Declan John makes my heart melt. My husband loves it. Then I told my mom and aunt who said it sounds/looks like declaw or decathlon. Hmm. I don't want to end up calling him Decky or deck. Maybe ducky? Plus I'm nervous it'll be super popular and I picture a high school full of rebel, punk rock Declan's. silly? Probably...?
    Callen- hubby's favorite. I like it alright. Love the nickname Cal. Seems sort of trendy too.
    Noah- My favorite since I was a little girl. I know it's popular. Just can't help but love it! Hubby would take LOTS of convincing.
    Liam- slowly falling off our list due to popularity. I do love it though.

    We need help! I want a name we both love as much as Cora!!! Any advice?

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    Declan is rising in popularity. It jumped 33 spots in the SSA Name Ranking. It was ranked 143 last year. Out of the names you list I like Oliver and Declan best. They both sound great with John. Callen is trendy. What about Calvin, Caleb or Callum?

    Some suggestions:
    Considering Beatrix Illyria or Beatrice Illyria...

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    Lydia Primrose | Charlotte Amara | Freyja Hermione Jade
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    how about Stellan? Swedish meaning calm. I think it's so nice.... I guess it has that trendy feel too though. Don't know about popularity.

    What else... Emmett, Conall, Torin, Rafferty, Crispin, Caspar, Jasper, Dominic, Bennett, Milo....

    I do love your list though. I think you need to try not to get too hung up on trendiness and popularity and go with what you love and what feels right. Nameberry can make you hyper aware of the potential trendiness of your chosen names. And if you choose Declan, your family will get used to it. When I first encountered the name, I saw de-clan and thought it was the oddest sound combination. But that was years ago, and now I think it is a fantastic name.

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    I like Seamus but if you think it's too much with your last name that is something to consider. It seams you like Irish/Gaelic names that are somewhat familiar. I have a few suggestions.

    Callister-you could still use Cal as nn
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    Oliver is my favorite from your list.

    I like the suggestion of Calvin as well.
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