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Thread: Lanti?

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    A year or so ago, I made a post about using Rylant as a name and received the lovely suggestion of Lanti as a nickname idea. I ended up deciding against putting Rylant on my list, but I have really fallen in love with the sweet sound of Lanti. So, my questions are:
    Is Lanti usable as a name on its own? Is it substantial enough? Is it silly? I saw somewhere that it is a Finnish boys name. In your mind, does that make it more plausible as a full name for a girl or more problematic (or maybe neither?)?
    What names could Lanti be a nickname for?

    EDIT: I should note that I am pronouncing this lahn-tee not lan-tee (as in land or lamp).

    I am looking forward to all the wonderful Berry creativity!
    Thank you!
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    I feel like this name might not get a lot of Nameberry love. I know from experience as when I asked about our adopted daughters already given name I got some pretty awful feedback. People will say- it doesn't sound like a whole name, it sounds made up etc. etc. Anything outside of French names seems to get this response. I think it's got a nice sound, it looks/feels Indian to me. Probably best as a nn for something like Alana Therese nn Lanti.
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    I'm sorry, my first instinct was "Mylanta" because it looks like Lan-tee and not Lahn-Tee. Lahnti is more phonetic to me, and I do like the sound of the name, I think it's very pretty, but I could just forsee a lot of pronunciation issues.

    Why did you take Rylant off the list? I'm not a fan of the "T" on the end, so what about Rylan? You could still use Lanti as a NN. And I agree with googkarmavt, Alana would probably work. I don't even think you need the Therese if you don't want. Lanti isn't much of a stretch from Alana.

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    I think it has a lovely sound. I would like it better as a nickname for a longer name, as that's my style, but there's no reason it couldn't be a full name.

    How about:

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    @goodkarmavt: Haha, yeah, I guess the name isn't exactly Nameberry style. Ah well. By the way, is your daughter's name pronounced like Senna? That is a good idea to incorporate the middle name as part of the reason for the nickname.

    @tarynamber: Yes, I see how it could have pronunciation problems. Hm...well I suppose that is one of the reasons I prefer it as a nickname. I just can't seem to find a full name that makes sense for it.
    I took Rylant off the list because it sounds too close to "violent" and because one of its major advantages was the nn Ry, but I discovered that I much prefer Sarai nn Rai.
    Oh, you are right about how Lanti could be a nn for Alana. Adding the "ti" at the end could just be a cute, pet form of the name. Thanks for the idea.

    @dantea: Ooh, cool to get name feedback from you! Thank you for all the name ideas. Although they aren't typically my style, I am drawn to Calantha and Iolanthe. Lanti would make a very cute and logical nn for those names.

    Thank you all!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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