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    Please help us narrow down our baby girl names!

    Hi All! My hubby and I are having a hard time locking down a name that we like for our 3rd child. We already have a daughter named Coryn and a son named Owen.
    Here are the names we have so far:

    Charlotte (nn Charlie)
    Josephine (nn Josie)
    Mackenzie (nn Max)

    Our last name is Irish, 2 syllables, starting with an F and ending with a Y

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

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    Oct 2013
    My favorite is Josephine, but I don't know if I like it with Coryn and Owen. It seems too heavy.
    Alice is nice too (and works better with your other names) but I've always seen it as a middle name.
    The rest are too trendy for me. But I do like the nicknames! Josie and Charlie would be adorable with Coryn and Owen

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    My favorite is Charlotte, followed by Alice and Ashlyn.
    Anastasia Dulcie, Arthur Sylvan, Aurora Millicent, Cecily Helena, Charlotte Griselda, Cressida Blanche, Cvijeta Beatrice, David Frederick, Dorothea Giselle, Edmund Ludwig, Edward Godfrey, Emil Orpheus, Erik Amadeus, Flora Isabella, Freya Gwenllian, Gareth Florian, Juliet Sunniva, Lewis Dorian, Magnus Roland, , Matilda Gersemi, Melody Isolde, Percy Beowulf, Robin Lysander, Rosalyn Amoret, Rosamund Paisley, Seraphina Thisbe, Tristan Harley, Wesley Dimitri

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    Lily would have been my top choice until I saw your last name is two syllables and ends in y. So now...I like Alice best, followed by Charlotte.

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    The first 3 feel too long, and the last two feel too matchy with the -yn just like Coryn, so I would vote for Lily or Alice.

    I do agree however that both Charlie and Josie would be cute.

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